ComfortHome™ Intelligent Thermostats Powered by Building 36

How it Works

How to Install

Practical Home Automation

Home automation does not just mean programming thermostat. It’s an indoor comfort solution that has remarkable energy-saving potential not to mention convenience.


What does ComfortHome Automation do for your customers?

  • Discovers and controls the preferred balance of energy savings and comfort
  • Delivers precision comfort to the rooms where homeowners spend most of their time
  • Accurately controls mini-split systems from anywhere and includes it the SmartHome ecosystem.
  • Notifies of issues quickly and provides solutions that enable instant response via remote connectivity

But what does selling ComfortHome™ mean for you?

Well, a smart home doesn’t have to end with the user interacting only with the home system. Selling subscription-based services such as maintenance contracts keeps your customers engaged and can provide revenue opportunities for years to come.

  • Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR)
    The market is already conditioned to pay monthly for other services, like streaming entertainment, cell phones, and home security
  • Increased brand awarenes
    The co-branded platform builds the dealer logo brand and contract information right into the mobile app and customer website for an effortless value-add.
  • Long-term business relationship
    The proven platform, which can be customized into a fully-integrated solution to meet customer needs can also lead to further sales, including the likelihood of them buying their next HVAC system from you.

Interested in becoming a dealer?

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