Benefits of a Hydronic Boiler

Radiant heat is clean, comfortable and extremely energy efficient. It allows for personalized temperature control through the use of multiple zones in the home. Hydronic heat won’t dry out the home, so the humidity levels will be balanced. Radiant flooring and hydronic heating equipment work in silence while providing warmth for the whole house.


Keep them healthy with a hydronic boiler

Traditional heating equipment pushes air around the home, which creates dust and allergens that are problematic for a family. Hydronic heat doesn’t require the movement of any air to warm the house, so those with strong allergies or asthma won’t be negatively affected.


Sell savings with hydronic heat

Forced-air units push heat through the gaps in installation, so homes with leaks will suffer a loss. Radiant heat should produce comfortable living conditions at a 20-40% lower cost than traditional heating systems. Local installers will be able to update you on the tax incentives for upgrading to an energy-efficient design.


Boiler technology is advancing

Modern boilers have advanced programming and accessories included that optimize their operation and minimize the heating bill. The outdoor reset adjusts the boiler temperature that heats the home based on the temperature outside to make sure the system delivers the right amount of heat to match what’s being lost out of the walls and roof.

Boiler vs. Furnace


Boilers heat by convection and radiation without the use of system blowers. Furnaces use forced hot air, which quickly rises and collects to the ceiling and results in a hot head and cold feet.


Boilers radiate heat through a sealed system, keeping your home much cleaner and the family healthier. Furnaces spread pollen, dust and dander throughout the home by blowing hot air into the rooms.


Boilers tend to be more quiet because there is no noise from air moving in ducts, loud blowers or large motors. Furnaces use noisy fans to circulate air through the house and can be heard turning on and off as they cycle and distribute the heated air.

See what’s available from Laars at Goodman

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Laars offers space-heating boilers from mid- to ultra-high efficiency that will reliably satisfy homes of any size. The boilers seamlessly integrate in homes with heating baseboard, radiators, air handlers and in-floor radiant heating.

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