Goodman Dealer Toolbox

Stay Competitive with a Highly Skilled Team

Continual HVAC training benefits an individual and the business where they work. At Goodman®, we believe ongoing training is worth the investment. Training builds skills that increase productivity, improves employee morale, and boosts a company’s profit margin.

The Goodman Business Toolbox was created to deliver world class tools and training to help Goodman dealers grow profitable and sustainable businesses.

Technical Training at a Glance | Classes Include:



Build-A-Tech Program

The Build-A-Tech Program is the ultimate boot camp for new maintenance technicians and installation helpers! Each attendee receives training in the basic competencies of airflow, electrical, combustion, refrigeration, indoor air quality, and safety. At the end of the course, participants should be eligible to receive their EPA certification and become NATE-certified. Build-A-Tech training also covers technician communication skills, flat-rate pricing, Service Work Orders, and much more. (2-Week program)

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High-Performance Service and Maintenance

Explore the latest tools, instruments, and procedures used by successful contractors, and much more. (2-Day workshop)

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High-Performance Sales and Install

Learn to become a professional HVAC contractor, discover ways to increase profits and referrals, understand the mechanics of installing various system components, and much more. (2-Day workshop)

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Sales Training at a Glance | Classes Include:

High-Efficiency Sales

Overcome barriers when upselling. This sales training workshop can result in greater closing rates, higher balance of high-efficiency sales, and more profitable overall sales. (2-Day workshop)

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Customer Service Performer

Comprehensive, situation-based training for inbound and outbound phone staff. (1-Day workshop)

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Consumer Finance Training

Discover how to implement financing into every facet of your HVAC business to become more profitable. (1/2-Day program)

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Business Training at a Glance | Classes Include:

Targeted Marketing

Learn a marketing strategy for expanding your existing customer base, understand who your customers are and their current buying habits and trends, and much more. (2-Day workshop)

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Market Place Pricing

Discover how to align company pricing strategy with branding strategy, how to read a profit and loss statement, be introduced to the Residential Replacement model, and much more. (2-Day workshop)

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Perfect Pitch

Hands-on training for account administrators specifically for Perfect Pitch, powered by Wrightsoft® software users who are looking to become more efficient with the tool. (1-Day workshop).

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