Are You Doing It Wrong?

Being an independent HVAC dealer is a tough job, especially if you’re not positioning yourself for success. If you aren’t offering consumer financing, you’re potentially missing out on thousands of dollars.*

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Success with Financing at a Glance

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Who has extra cash?
Most HVAC customers live paycheck to paycheck. Financing makes an HVAC replacement more affordable, so the homeowner is likelier to accept your bid.

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A Tale of Two HVAC Sales
If you don’t have a financing option, your customers can look for cheaper alternatives like other bids or repairs. With an option to pay on a monthly basis, you’ll close more sales.

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The Price is Correct. Right?
Be sure to include the dealer fee in the quoted price when you make the sale, the same way you would with labor costs.

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How to Do It Right: A Real-Life HVAC Dealer Success Story
Implementing consumer financing for HVAC systems can be simple, fast and paperless. Applications submitted online or by phone and are often approved within seconds.

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Financing and Sales at the Kitchen Table
Successful HVAC dealers finance more than 70 percent of their jobs. Additional sales and higher profits allow companies to grow faster. With training, a methodical sales approach and the right financing provider, you’ll close HVAC jobs at a higher rate, increase your average sales ticket and get on the path to financial independence.

Are You Doing It Wrong?

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*Goodman Manufacturing Company, L.P. does not offer consumer financing programs. The programs referred to in this e-book are offered by EGIA, an independent, third-party provider. Additional information is available by contacting EGIA at 888.691.0387, or Participating dealers are solely responsible for compliance with all consumer protection and personal information laws applicable to consumer financing programs.